Youth Alliance Leadership Conference

Create… Lead… Change…


The  youth alliance leadership conference is aimed at connecting young people, young entrepreneurs and youth leaders from across the island and within the wider commonwealth to participate in discussions and workshops as a part of building a strong youth network, ready to tackle the social and economic challenges affecting the communities and groups they associate with, and/or serve. YALC creates an opportunity for young people to explore various fields, for youth leaders and organizations to examine the numerous social issues being faced and provide strategies, share tips and motivational stories to help other youth participants discover their full potential.

The conference creates an environment for youth leaders and entrepreneurs share their experiences and challenges in hopes of stimulating interconnected discussions to promote diversity education, innovativeness and creating an initiative towards social impact. It provides a wholesome opportunity for new and upcoming youth leaders and business-minded young adults to explore international perspective seasoned by active discussions, activities and debates.


The Conference will consist of guest speakers, panel discussions, team building exercises and training. Come be a part of an awesome experiential learning environment, gather ideas that resonate deeply, learn from experienced leaders and be challenged by topics that matter to you. Enhance your personal expertise, build lasting connections and share ideas with creative thinkers, community builders, influencers and young entrepreneurs.


YALC is open to young people between ages 18-30 years, who have an interest in social development and entrepreneurship, young entrepreneurs, organization leaders, and youth representatives. Please confirm your attendance, RSVP at www.stridesja.com.

**Youth leaders, organization leaders, and young entrepreneurs who would like to get involved as guest speakers may write to us at stridesja@gmail.com