Director: Kalisha Richards, BSW

Kalisha Richards is a Generalist Social Work Practitioner with various skills and training in program development, counselling, youth and community development, advocacy, psychology and social justice. Kalisha’s expertise is utilized in areas such as family life, community building, group dynamics and individual crisis intervention.

Over the years, Kalisha’s resoursefulness has served in sales and marketing, program coordination, program development, career and education advisement. She has meticulously seasoned her passion in social services. Her zeal has allowed her to serve numerous community organizations, including The Jamaica Red Cross Society, 1Jam1Love Foundation, Northern Caribbean University Social Workers Association,  and Jamaicans for Justice.

“I try to find reasons everyday as to why the hardship of others feel as if it were my own… I am often overcome by sadness to see how greatly many of our fellow humans have to fight. And that…In some sense, keeps me going. I am fulfilling my purpose in this life– for if I am unable to provide basic necessities for everyone, but I give atleast one person hope, comfort, laughter… Then my purpose was not defeated.”


Financial Manager: Novalee Wray, BBA

Novalee Wray has over 7 years consecutive experience in the field of accounting and auditing. She has worked as an External Auditor at an international auditing firm performing financial audits for a wide spectrum of clients. She has also held senior positions as an Internal Auditor in the public sector and the manufacturing industry.

She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica (ICAJ), the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and is a student member of the Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

With a desire to serve voluntarily, she held the executive position of Secretary/Treasurer on one of the University of Technology’s Halls of Residence and later served as the Public Relations Officer on the sports club of an auditing firm.


Mentoring Coordinator: Tiffany Salmon, BSW.

Tiffany Salmon is a Mental Health Practitioner with expertise in youth and community development, counselling and social justice.

“My stride is not to change anyone; it’s to make a difference, to encourage each other to capitalize on his or her optimal power. To become the best versions of ourselves while taking another with us on that journey. The goal is to seek to create a much more fulfilling cycle of life, particularly among our youths, helping one to become helpful to another; hence reshaping society for the better one person at a time.”


Program Coordinator: Sharnalee Berrick, Bsc.

Sharnalee has worked in the Hospitality Industry where she has various skills and expertise in events planning and coordination, project planning and programs management. Sharnalee’s interest in youth development stems from her desire to fulfill a greater purpose in life by being a beacon of light for others. it is for this reason that her career is centered on Hospitality within the service industry.

“many times in life we are focused on the wrong things and that’s how we lose sight of our purpose. In helping to change the world we first have to change ourselves. I believe in being the one who nurtures and builds; the one who has understanding and a forgiving heart. We should learn to look for the best in people, and aspire to leave them better than we found them. My stride is for progress and not perfection.”