Strides Youth Enrichment Initiative, is a youth development organization that caters to the psychological, personal and emotional developmental needs of disadvantaged youths between ages 7-20 years.

Strides’ services aim to promote academic growth, cultural enrichment, personal and professional enhancement, psycho-social development, and life skills improvement through: art, mentoring, recreation, leadership training, wellness & personal development, career education, summer programs, community outreach, and group dynamics & counselling. Our organization’s programs  persistently encourages children and young people to take charge of their lives; by addressing their situation and then take action to improve their access to resources, to aid their developmental well-being, transform their beliefs, values, and attitudes from that of anything negative to more positive, enriching ones. We utilize non-traditional forms of arts & educational programs to cater to children in social and/or economically disadvantaged families, situations or communities.

On November 23, 2016, Strides was incorporated as a nonprofit.


Board of Directors